KNIME SDK showing the source attachement does not contain the source for the file

I am trying to check source code for kmeans clustering node for KNIME 2.10.1. but the source is not available in KNIME SDK. The message for source not found is shown for class file. I attached the Jar file.Still the source is not available.  Cant we see the full source of the file ? The Sample problem is attached here.

Have you downloaded the source bundle for org.knime.base to your target platform? That usually contains "source" in its file name (and used without setting any source attachments).

Cheers, gabor

I am newbie to Knime. Can u tell me where can i find the source bundle containing source in the filename?

This gives a some hint about it, but do not tell how to grab those.

In Window | Preferences | Plug-in Development | Target Platform you can check the location of your target platform.

  • In case it is a local KNIME installation, you only need to start that installation and install the source bundle(s) you need from the Sources category. In your case this should be at least the org.knime.base's source bundle for some version. Close the KNIME you started and from eclipse Reload the target platform.
  • Otherwise if you have selected some plugins but not all (from an update site for example), you might have to select the source bundles to the target platform.
  • If all fails, you can just download/copy the sources to a folder and add that folder to your target platform.

Hope this helps.