KNIME Server authentication using OAuth

Hi Everyone,

I am having problem to authenticate user using OAuth on KNIME server. Currently, I am using Database based authentication (using Realm) which is working fine. Is there any way to authenticate users on KNIME server (web portal) using OAuth 2 (google, Okta, etc.)?


Hi Aryan,

I’ve tested OAuth2 with google accounts for login to the KNIME Server. It’s possible, but somewhat limited, since we don’t have a way to account for authorisation. I’d be happy to follow up further on your requirements, please contact me via PM if that would be interesting.



Anyone successfully competed an OAuth (i.e. Okta) via KNIME?

Right now I use JDBC for connecting to Snowflake, but our org is moving to require OAuth for the connection.

Any ideas?

Hi there,

seems someone has! Here is a link that might help you:


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Thanks for the heads-up. Turns out all I need to do is add an &authentication=xxxx to the Snowflake connection string. :slight_smile:

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