KNIME Server- Cannot read file from local file system

Good Day, Knimers :green_heart:

I am new in using Knime Server.

I have deployed my workflow to Knime Server and when I was executing the workflow I have faced with the problem, in which says that the file does not exist

How can I solve this issue?

Br Karlygash :innocent:

Hi @Karlygash,

Could you please elaborate on the location of the files you want to read in? The error message mentions C:\Karlygashโ€ฆ Is this a local file on your client or on the KNIME Server you are trying to read in?

If you run the workflow on the KNIME Server either by right click on a workflow
โ†’ Execute or
โ†’ Open as new job on server (purple bar on top is shown, this needs the Remote Workflow Editor extension installed on your local KNIME Analytics Platform which is highly recommended)
it tries to access the sources on the KNIME Servers machine.

If you open and run the workflow by double-clicking a KNIME Server workflow (a yellow bar is shown on top) it tries to access the sources locally on your client.

In addition the file access of sources located on the machine of the KNIME Server is blocked by default. Access to files within the workflow repository doesnโ€™t need to be configured, the files only need proper permissions set.

Please add the in the linked guide mentioned line if you want to have access to files located on the KNIME Server.

Hope this helps,

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