KNIME Server Executor and Apache Tomcat Service

Hi everyone,

We set up a new Knime server. But we face a problem like this ;
We leave a jobs running on the server, but it can stop later one of them. (Apache Tomcat or Executor Service)
What kind of way should be followed for the uninterrupted operation of the services on the server?
There are no redirects in the setup documents.

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Hi @volkancamas,

I didn’t fully understand what stops? Does the execution fail? Does one of the services stop?

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Hi @Marten_Pfannenschmidt ,

We have to TL start Knime Executor with start-executor.bat and Apache Tomcat start.bat which is in bin directory of Apache Tomcat.
I want to minimum administration and uninterrupted solution for two bat file.

Usually you want to create services for KNIME Server and Executor which makes administration more convenient: