Knime Server Executor version 4.4.1

Hello. Is there any chance to get the 4.4.1 version of the KNIME Executor? We have a QA Server on 4.13.2 version and accidentally upgraded the executor to 4.4.4 and we couldn’t get it back, so now we can’t run anything on the server.

Hi @lsandinop,

My suggestion is to upgrade the KNIME Server version to a matching version. I don’t see anything stoping you from doing that. You can follow this upgrade guide. The process is quite simple. It is basically taking a backup of two files and copy pasting two binaries to your tomcat installation.

The alternative is complicated and there are bug fixes that you want to have in your server installations.

You can download the 4.4.1 version executor from this link. But there is no guarantee that you will be able to install additional extensions because the update sites are going to point to the latest bug fix release of a given release line.


You can use the update sites for minor releases to stay within that version.

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