Knime Server - NoClassDefFound EclipseCompiler


Not sure if there's a special category for Knime Server questions. I'm trying to run a workflow containing a Java Snippet node on the Server and I get a NoClassDefFound for org.eclipse.jdt.internal.compiler.tool.EclipseCompiler, the workflow runs fine on KAP.

Did a bit of debugging and knime_server/knime_executor (which I assume is used by the server) contains:


The compiler.tool jar contains the required jar. How to debug why it's not getting loaded?

We are using KAP 3.3.1 and Server version: 4.4.0

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Does the Java Snippet work when you start the KNIME Analytics Platform GUI from the same installation? You could also try to start it once with "-clean" as argument.

Hello Thor,

I've searched the logs and found the problem, the following folder was not present(not sure why) + some internal folders had root as owner thus preventing correct file creation. Thank you very much for your help