KNIME Server not opening File

Hello all! 

I am currently setting up KNIME server but am running into issues with workflows that read files. I have a file named MAMS.xlsx, stored on the server. Using the knime protocol, the path to the file should be:




Although this works when I execute the workflow from the client KNIME analytics platform software, neither of these work when I execute the workflow from the web portal. On the other hand, if I use a file chooser quickform node and select the MAMS.xlsx file, then the I am able to open the file correctly on the web portal. 

Does anyone have an idea of how I could solve this issue?



Hi Matthieu,

Please excuse the late reply, I hope that I can still help you!

Which version of KNIME Server are you using? I can confirm that the knime.workflow URL should work on KNIME Server 4.5.1.

The second URL will only work if the server uses "knimedev" as mountpoint. Is that the case? You could try using knime://knime.mountpoint instead of the absolute path that has the mountpoint ID in it. That way, it will not matter what the mountpoint is as long as the rest of the path matches.