Knime server not showing interactive pages

I have installed the latest Knime Server and I am trying out a simple workflow to upload a file and show it. But, when I run it in the server, no upload page is shown.
This is the workflow I am trying : Example Workflow - Generic File Upload – KNIME Hub

The workflow just says Finished and that’s all.

Hi @meghaagricarbon,

I’ve answered your direct request, but the forum is also a great place to ask!

For future readers:
Likely the workflow was uploaded to the server in an executed state (some/all nodes show the green traffic light). This state persists on the server, so that executed nodes are not run over and over again.
In your case though, you probably want to execute the nodes.

Hence, you can reset the nodes (right-click the workflow and select “reset”, or mark all nodes with ctrl+a and then hit F8 to reset them) and then re-deploy the workflow to the server.

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