KNIME Server on Azure in India region

Hi Team,

For last few days i’m trying to contact you over KNIME official website and forum but unfortunately i have not received any updates from KNIME support.

We are looking to deploy KNIME server on Azure in India region but its giving me an error message while deployment (error attached), can someone please look into this issues on priority?

Error message "{“code”:“MarketplacePurchaseEligibilityFailed”,“message”:"Marketplace purchase eligibilty check returned errors. See inner errors for details. ",“details”:[{“code”:“BadRequest”,“message”:“Offer with PublisherId: knime, OfferId: knime-server-medium cannot be purchased due to validation errors. See details for more information.[{“The Offer is not sold in the subscription/account region: IN”:“StoreApi”},{“Offer is not available for purchase in Partner subscription.”:“StoreApi”}]”}]} "

Hi Raj,

So far we didn’t enable purchases in the MS India region, I’m following up to see if that is possible.



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