knime server reading file on windows directory

I am using a knime server which is linux and creating workflows on my desktop which is windows.

On the file reader node, I write 


and when I hit apply, the node changes it to 


then when run, it fails to find file. Trying to use normal, windows syntax does not work either.

How should I improve this







Did you already try to enter file:///cifs/stlpanzpoc01/group/planning/?

yes. I've tried that and for some reason, it does not want to work. When I run from my desktop and use standard windows designations, there's no problem. When I schedule the job and it's run from the server, I get the error

working with IT, we finally found that my settings in knime were incorrect. We updated, and the file reader works fine. 

HOWEVER - I'm trying to use the wait node. When I schedule my workflow on the server, after it starts, the wait node never recognizes a file creation, even though I'm using the same syntax as on the file reader. The workflow just shows running and running.

Any ideas how to get the wait node on a scheduled server workflow to recognize a file creation on another server?


Hey clac,

I’m having the exact same issue (server on linux - want to access win directories).

What exactly did the IT do? Was it your internal IT or any kind of KNIME support?
Would be great to get some help :wink:

Thank you, Cheers!

Hi, I am trying to do the same thing by connecting to a Windows server from a Linux install. Where you able to get this working? If so what steps did you take?


Hi - unfortunately, I don’t remember exactly what happened back then. However, I still use a knime server that is LINUX and my workstation is still WINDOWS. It’s painful, but I get it to happen. I make a string that is the LINUX grammar directory and file I need as a workflow variable. Then my file reader/writer uses that variable to address the file. When I look at the workflow in windows, it’s all errors and won’t run. But when I then schedule it on the server, even for two minutes in the future, it runs OK.