Knime Server REST API

Can someone direct me to see an example of a REST API to a workflow done. I do not have KNIME server of my own. I am looking for help in this direction. All I have is KNIME Analytics on my desktop.

I want to experiment with REST API to a workflow.


There are a few blog posts that explain how the KNIME Server's REST API can be used:


Is downloading the server and purchasing a license the only way to access the API? I would also like to expose knime workflows to an API when I only have the desktop version.
Is it possible to build a server instance of knime on my local machine form the source code?
Thanks! @thor

Hi @tcannon

the REST API is only provided by a KNIME Server. And the KNIME Server is not open source, so you cannot built it from source code.

One possibility for you might be our cloud offerings, where you can start and shut down your own KNIME Server.