KNIME Server Scheduled Workflows Not Running

I have put two workflows on my KNIME server and they look they have run. However, I am not getting an email about their success. I have the send email node at the end of my workflows and if I run the workflows on my local space I get the email message. I have configured the email correctly, because it works on my local space. I am just confused as to why it shows a timestamp of the workflow running, but clearly it has not run all the workflow. Any thoughts?


Hi @nathaniellx1,
The workflow run (we call it a job, it is essentially a copy of your workflow being executed) seems to be still in “loading” state. The grey circle next to the icon indicates that. When the workflow is running, you should see two green arrows and when it is done the circle should become green. If it is stuck in loading state, this could mean that there is no executor to pick it up. Have you started an executor service in addition to the KNIME Server service?
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Hi @nathaniellx1 , and welcome to the Knime Community.

As per @AlexanderFillbrunn, the 2 workflows are still running and have not completed the execution, so it could be that they have not reached the point to send the email.

What I wanted to comment on though was on this:

This does not guarantee that the send email will work on the Knime server. I’m not saying that it won’t work, but it also does not guarantee it will work on the Knime server just because it worked on your local space. There are a few factors to consider. For example:

  1. Are you using the same smtp when the workflow is run on your local and when it is run on the knime server?
  2. Do you authenticate to the smtp with the same user when run as a user your local and by the knime service account the server?
  3. Are the firewalls set the same way for both your local and the knime server? And that includes both outgoing firewalls from your local and the knime server, and incoming firewalls from the smtp side

For example, we have use a dev smtp when doing development where any emails would go to a blackhole except for some whitelisted internal email addresses, in case emails are sent to real email addresses by mistakes, especially if you end up in an infinite loop - imagine sending hundreds of emails per seconds to the same person by mistake.

So, my point here is that, when it comes to sending email, it is not guaranteed that it will send the email on another system just because it sent on my system :slight_smile: