Knime server showing Executors Info: Distributed Executor (Preview)

Hi ,
we have configured knime server with distributed executor . After configuration it is showing Executors Info: Distributed Executor (Preview).

Just wanted to know is it safe to use the same for production workloads ?

When this will come out from Preview to GA.

Hi @netamitk

Yes distributed Executors is still preview, because there are some features missing we would like to have before the full release.

With the next major release coming this summer we will do the final release.

Preview features are not production ready. However all of the features which are implemented are fully tested.

You can btw also open server support tickets with our key support team at

Based on Knime Documentation it is no where mentioned this feature is in preview mode. We have followed the same distributed architecture and implemented the same using Knime Server Large,Rabbit MQ, Executor. Please share your input’s can we use the same for our production workloads. Any of your customer using distributed architecture using rabbitmq , executor.


Hi @netamitk,

Distributed Executors are not in preview anymore, it appears that we missed that flag on the WebPortal admin page. I’ll make sure it is removed right away.

Yes, we do have customers using Distributed Executors in production already. It has been recommended for production since almost one year.


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