Knime Server- The selected mountpoint is no longer valid.

Good Day Dear Knimers :green_heart:!

I am trying to execute workflow in Knime Server, where has just few steps


I am getting the following error:

There are messages for workflow “Reader 2021-10-15 11.29.24”
Excel Reader 7:2 - WARNING: The selected mountpoint ‘knime-server’ is no longer valid.

I looked at this discussion and followed steps, but it was unsuccessful attempt

Can you help me to solve this issue?

Many Thanks,
Karlygash :innocent:

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Hi Karlygash,

I assume the server this workflow is running on has been renamed at some point (e.g. in an update).
If you delete and re-add the mountpoint, it may show up with a different name.

Alternatively, if you only run the workflow on the server, or have the excel files locally as well, you could set the Excel Reader to “Relative to” - “Current mountpoint”, instead of “Mountpoint” - “knime-server”.

That way, it will start at the KNIME workspace root of whatever machine it is running on (without having to know the name of the server).

Kind regards