Knime Server- The selected mountpoint is no longer valid.

Good Day Dear Knimers :green_heart:!

I am trying to execute workflow in Knime Server, where has just few steps


I am getting the following error:

There are messages for workflow “Reader 2021-10-15 11.29.24”
Excel Reader 7:2 - WARNING: The selected mountpoint ‘knime-server’ is no longer valid.

I looked at this discussion and followed steps, but it was unsuccessful attempt

Can you help me to solve this issue?

Many Thanks,
Karlygash :innocent:

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Hi Karlygash,

I assume the server this workflow is running on has been renamed at some point (e.g. in an update).
If you delete and re-add the mountpoint, it may show up with a different name.

Alternatively, if you only run the workflow on the server, or have the excel files locally as well, you could set the Excel Reader to “Relative to” - “Current mountpoint”, instead of “Mountpoint” - “knime-server”.

That way, it will start at the KNIME workspace root of whatever machine it is running on (without having to know the name of the server).

Kind regards


Hello, I tried both options. And I m still getting this error

What else you can advice?

Hi @Karlygash

I’ll look further into the problem. Does using “Relative to”, “Current mountpoint” really give you the same error?
Maybe you need to change the path slightly from /path/to/file.xlsx to path/to/file.xlsx (without the leading /).

Regarding the “knime-server” mountpoint: were any changes made to the KNIME server (more specifically the executor) recently? Maybe your (KNIME) server admin could check that the executor’s knime.ini (or service definition) contains entries for profiles. Those are four lines (above -vmargs!) that could look something like this:


Kind regards


@marvin.kickuth hello! thanks for your reply!

No I havent changed anything recently. But still having this issue(

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