KNIME Server - Unable to Download file using Quickform File Download node

I have a workflow which does some processing on the input file data. Then I have to download this data.
Hence, I have a component containing following nodes:
Create Temp Dir → CSV Writer → File Download
I’ve added a variable temp_output with value – output.csv, passed this variable to path of CSV Writer and also to the File Download Path Variable.

The download link is this:

I’m getting an error:
Unable to download when I hit the link in the WebPortal

Am I doing something wrong in the configuration or is the server restricting it?
I tried to run the KNIME_FILE_Download-v2 workflow shared in this post but even that didn’t work:

KNIME Analytics Platform - v4
KNIME Server - v4.8.2

Thank you,
Vipul Phulphagar

Hi @vipul

Do you have a sample workflow that you could post? That would help me be able to test things appropriately.


Which edition of KNIME Server are you running? We know that the File Download node currently doesn’t work with KNME Server Small 4.8.2. We will release a bugfix next week that solves this problem.