knime server upgrade 4.8.2 to 4.9 on AWS - rights issue !

Hello Team

I am planning to upgrade knime server and knime AP
my knime server is on AWS ubuntu 18.4

existing AP is knime 3.7 and knime server is 4.8.2
expecting knime AP 4.1 and knime server 4.9

Q1. do i just have download knime AP 4.1
and replace folder knime 3.7 to knime 4.1 ??

Q2. how to upgrade knime server? any command?
will it replace my existing knime server?

Q3. existing rights of folder will change?
. my current /opt/ path is holding my knime 3.7 and knime SRV 4.8
where installation resides!!

It will be great if you can give solution, no documents

Dear @navinjadhav,

an update for the executor from 3.7.2 to 4.0.1 is not possible, as it was a major release. Therefore, I think it would be easiest to perform a disk swap update, by just backing up the existing workflow repository data block and then start a new instance from AWS marketplace and make use of your old workspace. Further instructions you find in the docs:

If you want to continue working on your existing instance, you could also exchange the executor (delete old one, unzip new one) and update the server component as described here:



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