KNIME Server Upgrade from 4.10.3 to 4.13


We are trying to upgrade KNIME server 4.10.3 to 4.13. When we read about this upgrade, we noticed that the application itself has to be installed freshly due to migration of TomEE to Tomcat. However, we would like to understand if you have any documentations related to migration of existing workflows and nodes from the 4.10.3 server to 4.13? Any documentation related to it will help!

Thanks again!

  • Shiva

Dear @shiva ,

first of all, we suggest not to upgrade to version 4.13.0 (as with every .0 version). There will be an update to 4.13.1 likely at the end of this month, at which point we recommend upgrading.

In any case, I’m sorry to say that we currently don’t have a guide to migrate, as this is quite dependent on the setup and integrations.

Generally, you want to proceed as follows:

  • Turn off current KNIME Server (and executor)
  • Back up all KNIME files (Server and executor installation and their workspaces)
  • Remove any installed services (make a backup)
  • Install new KNIME Server (and executor) as the same user that did the old installation
  • Copy over old files. This includes the server workflow_repository and <server-tomcat-tomee>/conf/Catalina/localhost/knime.xml, but may include other files, depending on how the old server was configured (logging configurations, client/executor profiles, executor configuration, authentication, user database, custom certificates, tomcat/tomee configurations, …)
  • Install services analogue to previous services

We would be happy to discuss the update details and can also set up a call for the upgrade if you would like. Just reach out to and we can take it from there.

Kind regards