KNIME Server -- Using external Jar in Java Snippet with KNIME URL


I have several workflows that utilize the Apache Commons java library, and I'd like to start utilizing them on my company's KNIME server. I've been trying to hook them up with a KNIME URL (knime://), but come up with an error that it can't locate a private directory (both when trying to set it on my local version, and a version uploaded to the server opened for editing that is a temp). 

The KNIME url I'm trying to use is: knime://knime.mountpoint/Libraries/apache-commons-1.10.jar and there is a screenshot of the error I get from my client. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Ideally, I'd like to not have a redundant copy integrated with every workflow. - C

It seems you have only temporarily downloaded a workflow from the server. It is then sitting in a temporary mount point on your local machine. Hence you cannot use knime.mountpoint in this case. You need to copy the workflow in your local workspace, then you can use relative URLs.

Is there no URL to the jar directly? When sharing workflows or trying to use the workflow on another PC this makes it complicated since you have to now download and install something manually into the exact folder. Multiply this by the number of custom imports in workflows and it leaves a lot of room for error when all you want is someone to be able to run your workflow when you are out of the office, or use the workflow on another PC.

Maybe I'll create a workflow that downloads, unzips, and install these things, lol. 

You can easily put the Jar inside the workflow and then reference it with knime://knime.workflow/xxx.jar.

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