KNIME Server Workflow Projects



Recently, I have installed KNIME server in my Company.

But, I don't know how can I connect to KNIME Server from KNIME client?

From this source, I know that I have to open "KNIME Server Workflow Projects" from KNIME Client. But, I can't find that feature in my KNIME Client (version 2.10.1). I also have installed all extensions in my KNIME Client.

 Please advice.


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Hi Yulindo, 

Have you properly installed glassfish and our server components (eg. glassfish, and the KNIME Server Application)?  If not, you would need to do so before you are able to use these products.  If you need help setting this up, please contact me outside of the forums ( and I can give you more information. 

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Thx for your help Aaron, now I have already installed glassfish and others components properly :D


I have one question, in the KNIME WebPortal, I got a warning message "RMI executor could not be started".

Before it happened, I execute a one job (which read 1 million row data). After waiting for minutes, the webportal was hang. Suddenly I stop that job from Knim Client. Since then, when I open webportal, I can't execute job because the warning message is always appear :(


Can you suggest some method to solve this problem?


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We use the same version of KNIME (2.10.1) for a client and the same messages arises on loading data. In our case, we can not reproduce the issue in our side and to know the possible origin of this message would be useful to us to know what is happening.

Can you clarify something about it?

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We have installed Knime2.12 for Knime server and facing the same issue while clicking on new workflow at Knime client end


Thanks for the question. This is normally a configuration error with the KNIME server with server 4.x can often be diagnosed by looking at the log files in /opt/apache-tomee*/logs/ (under Linux). Under Windows the path will be different, but the log files are still located in the apache-tomee directory.

If you need help setting this up, please contact me outside of the forums ( and I can give you more information.