Knime Server writing to CSV Writer - WARNING: Directory '\\server\knime\reports' of output file does not exist

We are trying to learn how to schedule a Knime job on the Knime Server and we can run it manually run the job and it writes the CSV to the server and we use the email node to receive the file via email. However, when we attempt to schedule the job we keep getting this message

There are messages for workflow “TEST 2 2020-01-10 10.52.42”
CSV Writer 3:10 - WARNING: Directory ‘\server\knime\reports’ of output file does not exist

Why would there be a problem with scheduling when it runs fine if you execute manually?

Thank you for any advice you have!


there should be no difference between running a job manually and via a schedule.
Is there any configuration that you provide the job during a manual execution (e.g. the path to the file) that you don’t provide during the schedule?
Furthermore, do you write directly to disk or do you want to write to your server repository?
What KNIME Server version are you running?
If ‘\server\knime\reports’ the full path you provided in the CSV Writer?