Knime server

I am using AWS server & able to log into webportal. However, when I deploy workflow to test, it says my version is newer than server… does this mean i need to revert to older version or do i need to change the version in AWS… if in AWS, how?

We had the same problem using Microsoft Azure: Cannot run workflows on Knime server after updating local Knime to 4.1.3

Maybe this helps. :slight_smile:

Hi both,

our KNIME Server deployments on Azure and AWS are always on the most recent stable build. The stable build is still 4.10. For this you need to use the KNIME Analytics Platform 4.1.

You do not need to revert to the previous AP Version, I would recommend installing it in parallel and using the 4.1. version until we have the new built in AWS/Azure.

For this go to the previous version download page and download the zip file, unpack it anywhere you like, and start the knime.exe in this folder.

Best, Iris

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