Knime ServerSpace


I just installed Knime Desktop 2.8.1 on windows machine and was trying to connect to my Knime Server and realised that i need to install Knime ServerSpace Extension. Under Get Additional Nodes i done see Client-Side Extensions ->Knime ServerSpace. Could you please help me walk through this process please.

Hello Kamlesh, the client-side extension is available on the private download side (as zip archive) that need to be installed into the client. In a second step, you need to add a server mount-point inside the KNIME Explorer to access your in-house server.

Thanks Thomas.



Can you please exaplain what where can I find the private Knime download?I'm looking for ServerSpace within the 2.11.2 but with no luck. Can you please advise? Thanks!

Are you licensing their commercial extensions? In this case you'd best find it by dropping a quick line to your designated customer support KNIMEr. :-)