KNIME setup in Docker

Hi I’m trying to setup KNIME locally in Docker, I have the server(4.9.3) running on HTTP and HTTPS but the KNIME analytics platform (4.0.2) does not connect with the server on HTTPS, I get error as “No REST endpoint found, please enter address to KNIME webportal” when I put https://localhost:8443 in the server address bar and check “Use REST” checkbox, however, WebPortal works fine on https://localhost:8443/knime.

I’m running HTTP just for the client and would like the client to also connect over HTTPS.

Neeraj Wadhwa

Hi @neeraj_lcci,

Is there any chance that there is a proxy blocking the access from KNIME Analytics Platform to the Server?


Hi @RolandBurger,

Yes, we do have proxy.

But the whole setup (KNIME AP, Executor and, Server) runs on my local machine.

Is there any chance that you are using a custom certificate that has not been added to the AP client?

Hi @RolandBurger,

We are using custom certificates but they are added to the client.
I this specific case, we are reusing the dev env certificates.