KNIME Sharepoint Authentication-Token Duration on saving in the Node

Hi Team,

Frequently the sharepoint workflow schedules reporting the below error mesages

Execute failed Error during refresh token.

if i run the workflow locally, it works fine the same if I schedule it on KNIME Business hub, getting this error after some days due to the token validity, not sure.

Token configuration saved to “Node” in the microsoft authentication node.

Can you guide with your inputs or solution for this issue. Thanks.

Hi @Ashwath5245,

I guess you are using interactive authentication, right? This will only work during the time the token is valid and at some point it will expire and you will face this error. You would either need to use username/password authentication or Client/Application secret.

Best regards

if we use Username/password, it will not work due to most of the organization enabled with MFA authentication and the workflow fails.

Unfortunately i dont have client ID/application secret and also sharepoint admin might not allow for generic user id access.

Hey @Ashwath5245, sorry for the late reply! Unfortunately this is currently not possible other than with application secrets. With the 1.9 release of Business Hub we will support interactive Microsoft authentication for user secrets with the new secret store. feature. You will still need to refresh the token depending on your Azure Entra settings but can do it centrally via the Secrets page.