KNIME Software in the Cloud Roadmap

Hi All,

Is Google Cloud Platform on KNIME Software in the Cloud Roadmap?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Jorge,

KNIME currently has customers running KNIME Server in the Google Cloud Platform. The KNIME Analytics Platform includes nodes that will integrate with Google services such as Google Sheets and Google Drive. More integration nodes with Google Services are planned.

Currently KNIME doesn’t offer KNIME Analytics Platform or KNIME Server within the Google Cloud Marketplace. That is on our roadmap and will be prioritized according to demand. So for now, if you want to run Server or AP on GCP, you’ll need to start a VM and install and configure the software.

Hope this helps,


Hi Jim,

Thanks a lot for your answer.
I’m grateful for knowing that it is on KNIME roadmap.
Will be a big achievement to have KNIME on Google Cloud Platform Marketplace like AWS and AZURE.



You’re welcome! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you would to have a more detailed conversation around KNIME in the cloud.

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