KNIME Table with images

I created a workflow that starts by reading a KNIME table with images in one of the columns. This table is part of the workflow in a data folder. It is about 800 MB in size.

When they try to read this table, some of my students are getting error messages “unable to read spec from file” and/or a reference to “”.

Although I don’t have a problem doing this on Windows, it could be a problem on Mac (which many students have).

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to fix this problem? Thank you!

Hi @njacknis , just taking a guess here, do they have the KNIME Image Processing extension installed?


Thank you very much! That solved the problem.

It also explains the mysterious error code that included “knip”, which I’m assuming is an abbreviation for KNIME image processing.

Normally KNIME is very good about suggesting missing extensions, but in this case the images were embedded in a KNIME table so perhaps the software assumed the image extensions were already in the KNIME environment.

Thanks again for being a helpful community member.


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