KNIME Time Series

Dear KNIME community,

I trust you are well. I attended one of the free webinars on time series and unfortunately could not attend the recent KNIME Time Series course.

I have therefore started a website to help me learn. I learn best when I build stuff. I would much appreciate if you could pop in and comment please. Apologies, the website is not complete, but you will get the idea.

I have built an RNN with 6 input layers to model the time series described on the website. I understand that this might not be the best model, but it is a starting point for me. I would rather learn why this model is not ideal before I embrace another approach. It is also not ‘rolling’ if I can call it what I intuitively want to. It is rather a many-many (vector to vector) mapping.

If you are interested, I have published the KNIME workflow at:

Any help or comments would be much appreciated. There might be small bugs here and there in the workflow, but it does some sort of a prediction and therefore seems to be implemented reasonably well. I have spent hours reviewing and most bugs are out now. I suspect one or two more critters to be somewhere hidden. Will fix them as soon as I have time. I am confident that those do not change the overall idea.

Have a super day,



Hi @knimeoutjie,

Great to hear from you!

Is there anything specific that you are looking for? I couldn’t help but notice the Python Script node in your manipulator_node metanode. I didn’t really get the idea of the node but was wondering if you really need a Python Script here?

Also, the Python Script (Node 166) doesn’t seem to do much apart from filtering by the value of a column (Row Filter) followed by a Transpose?

Maybe @Corey or @Kathrin have additional ideas in particular for the NN topology/configuration…



Thanks a lot Stefan,

  1. Note 166 is not in use; you are entirely right, it does not serve any purpose
  2. As far as the Scripts in the ’ manipulator_node metanode’; I am sure you can do those things easily in KNIME, I just dont know how. Those are mostly for the tanks not to be more full than 100% or emptier than 0%. It also calculated the cumulative volume at any time.

My big (only) concern is with the NN. I want to learn how to set these things up and have built everything so I can move forward. Since the whole example is a physics exercise, any model can be very well trained. I just want someone to come alongside me and suggest models (and their settings) to build it properly. I also want to understand the weaknesses of models that would not work properly (like the one I built).

Would appreciate any comments,