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I am trying to connect KNIME to Salesforce using the “GET Request” node. My connection does not seem to be coming through on the Salesforce side, and I am getting the following error in the KNIME log. Any support/thoughts would be appreciated.

2020-10-13 09:31:07,290 : ERROR : main : : WindowsDefenderExceptionHandler : : : I/O error occured while executing PowerShell command powershell -inputformat none -outputformat text -NonInteractive -Command Get-MpComputerStatus -ErrorAction Stop | select -ExpandProperty AMServiceEnabled. Cannot run program “powershell”: CreateProcess error=2, The system cannot find the file specified

Hi @austinbauer -

Sorry for the trouble. In one of their recent updates, Windows changed something that affects how KNIME handles Defender exceptions. We’re aware of it and have a ticket in place to fix it (AP-15207).

In the meantime, have you tried using the new Salesforce nodes (for example, Salesforce Simple Query) available in KNIME Labs?

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Hi @ScottF.

Thanks for the response on this. Do you know how long it should take for this issue to get resolved?

Also, I was trying to get access to the Salesforce Simple Query node, and was unable to find it (previously on version 4.2.0), I thought I was using an old version so I updated to version 4.2.2. When I click the dropdown for KNIME Labs, I only have access to the tools in the below screenshot. I am unable to find the Salesforce Simple Query node. Not sure what I am doing wrong?

knime labs

No ETA on the fix yet, although I know it’s actively being worked on.

For accessing the new nodes, the easiest way to install the extension is to drag-and-drop it from the Hub to the workflow editor, as shown on our about page:

Hi @ScottF

I have tried doing the drag & drop of the Salesforce Simple Query node into my workspace and I get the following error message. The node is not available if I search the node repository as well. I currently have version 4.2.2.

Hello @austinbauer,

probably you need to configure a proxy. See here for more:

Also you can add Local Update Sites. See here: Adding Local Update Sites


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