Knime Ubuntu 8.04

Hello everyone,
Sorry for this basic question but I did not manage to install neither Eclipse or Knime correctly in my computer. I’m working with Ubuntu 8.04. I downloaded the 64bit versions of zipped files proposed in this website and unzipped them on my desktop, then nothing happened when I clicked on the executable files of eclipse or knime… what should I do ?
Thanks a lot for answering me!!

I forgot to tell that I’m on the Gnome distribution !!

What happens if you start KNIME from the command line?

Thanks for the interest for my problem.
When I started KNIME from the command line, the comand is not found:
“bash: knime : commande introuvable”
(I tried with Knime, KNIME, but none worked)
Moreover when I tried to start eclipse from the comand line, I got the answer that eclipse was not intalled on my computer.
Are there any debians packages for these programs ???
Thanks a lot again I hope that I would be able to work with Knime

Are you trying to start KNIME from within its installation directory via “./knime”? It could be that you downloaded the wrong version for your architecture (32/64 bit).

Ok, problem solved, I downloaded the wrong version for my architecture, so for Gnome the 32bit version is needed. Sorry, I’m really new with linux and it may be something simple that everybody knows!!
Thanks a lot for helping me !!
Have a good day