KNIME Upgrade 3.7.2 Bug : Line Plot

OS: Windows 10 Enterprise
KNIME Version: 3.7.2

After upgrading to KNIME 3.7.2, the Line Plot node does not render large tables as it had before. Upon trying to open the interactive plot, the system just keeps churning through memory trying to process something, but the interactive plot window either does not open or it opens and is blank without any data and the dialog is frozen.

Before the upgrade, I’ve been able to view data over 100K records of multiple column; however, it cannot even handle 30K rows now.

Current work-around: using Line Chart (JFreeChart) node

Dear @davekalpak,

I’m not aware of any changes to the Line Plot JavaScript node. What I am aware of is a performance issue when used with lots of records. Another workaround which might be an option for you is to limit the number of records to display. This way you can still use the JavaScript node.

Which version did you use before the update?


The node in question is not the JavaScript Line Plot node, it is the native/regular Line Plot node.

My current work-around is to use Line Chart (JFreeChart) node for datasets in which I need to see the entire domain and limiting the records would be prohibitive. The need for this is not so frequent that it is a critical issue for me.

Thank you!

Thanks for the clarification.

Also standard Line Plot is known to have performance issues when used with high amounts of data. Do you remember which version of Analytics Platform Line Plot worked well? I’m just curious to find out whether we applied some changes at some point which may have negative impact on performance.

It worked well for 3.7.1; the latest upgrade to 3.7.2 has caused this new behavior.

Unfortunately I am not able to reproduce this. I’ve tested the node in both versions and performance is poor for both (which is expected behavior for the used library). Be assured that we are working on JavaScript nodes with improved performance.

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Thank you for looking into this! Your time and attention are much appreciated.


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