KNIME upgrade and schedules on KNIME server

We are upgrading to KNIME server 4.4.2 via a clean install and a dev server that we will flip the license to prod once we verify the workflows.

We've noticed the schedules do not copy over automatically. Is there a way to just copy the workflows over to the new server via tar or a command line and have them registered on the server? will the snapshot history be included as well and schedules be included if done via the command line?

thanks for your help, 


Hi Brian,

You can just copy the content of the workflow_repository to the new KNIME Server installation. This will also include the snapshot history of each workflow.

However, you cannot migrate the job scheduling in KNIME Server 4.4.2. This has been facilitated with the release of KNIME Server 4.6, where we added a job scheduling endpoint to the KNIME Server REST API. This allows you to both query the currently scheduled jobs and to create new schedules.