Knime User guide


I would like to know whether it exists a user guide for Knime. I'm gonna be starting to use knime in a data mining project. Where can I find it ?

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Jorge Sanchez Bravo

There's a file called 'quickstart.pdf' in the folder knime unzips to.

There's also documentation for each node - if you click on a node in the node repository or in a workflow it will show up in the node description pane (normally on the RHS of your screen in knime) - this should give you some info about what the node does, the settings it needs from the user, and the input/output tables

Then, there's the forums, which you've already found - if you've got a specific question, try searching them, and if you dont find an answer, post the question, because someone will answer it, and someone else might also be wondering the same thing.

There are also example workflows you can download into knime, and a pdf called 'Knime beginners luck' (or something similar) which you can get from the website somewhere, and the documentation page has some useful links too (

thank you