KNIME users

Can somebody help and explain how to change list of users who can connect to Server via Desktop application.
At the moment I have 5 users but 2 of them are no more valid and I want to add 2 new users.
I’ve deleted 2 old users from the users group and added 2 new users but server says that maximum number of users exceeded anyway.
I know there is some kind of blocking period. Is it possible to change this setting? Anybody knows what is lenght of this period?
Is there any way quick way to change “uploaders” list?

Hi @donatasmik

I will follow up via Email.

You can always see which users are registered on the KNIME Admin Portal.

Kind regards, Iris

Yes. I know that.
But how to add a new user? For example we have situation.
Users A, B, C, D, E can connect to Knime server via Desktop.
Then User E left the company and I want to add a new User F.
Knime server does not allow to do this and shows message that 5 users limit exceeded. What to do? Is it possible to switch users?