KNIME v4 database node changes issue

In general the old and new framework can we used in parallel except when you use native authentication to connect to a Microsoft SQL Server as discussed in this thread. We weren’t aware of this problem and are working on a solution for it. We know that our users use the database node extensively and with many different settings. That is why the old framework is still available and only flagged as legacy. So as long as we haven’t solved the above mentioned problem you can use the old framework as before.

The Prameterized Database Query node works with the column values of an input table. To do so simply double click in the node dialog on the column name and a place holder will be inserted into the SQL query at the current cursor position. When the node is executed this placeholder is replaced by the value from the column. This way you can also use several input columns in your SQL query.

The Database Reader node has been replaced by the DB Query Reader node. For details about the mapping from old database nodes to new db nodes have a look at the node name mapping table in the database documentation.

Can you please provide more information or ideally an example workflow that demonstrates the problem where the Parameterized DB Query Reader node returns less records then the Database Looping node. This would help me a lot.

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