Knime vs Clickhouse - do they blend?

Hello Knime,
I am trying to add Clickhouse JDBC driver to Knime in Preferences->Knime->Databases as a directory with driver files and as Jar however database connector node does not give an option to select added driver and test the connection.
Drivers downloaded from here:

Knime preferences after adding files and directories (added 2 different driver directories and 1 Jar file to compare):

Did anyone try to use Knime with Clickhouse?

Hi @dogma_studio,

it is enough to register the clickhouse jar in the preferences, but you have to provide the additional jar files in this folder: “knime-installation-folder”\plugins\org.knime.binary.jre.win32.x86_64_1.8.0.152-01\jre\lib\ext
The plugin folder might be named little different based on your installed version.

This is not super convenient, but the new database framework will make registering additional jdbs drivers a lot easier.


Thanks, i will try