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Hello all,

I am stuck attempting to replace the the banner of the web portal – by default, KNIME Guided Visualization with the KNIME logo is placed. I want to replace the original KNIME image with a custom PNG or SVG but am having a lot of trouble. I know it must have something to do with customCSS or flow variables but can’t move from there.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

You need to convert your image to Base64 format; I’ve been using this website –

Then go into the “WebPortal Header” component and replace the KNIME logo code in the Table Creator node with the your own Base64 image code.

I might have missed something, but that’s how I swapped the logos in my own workflows.


In case anyone else is looking to try this in the future, I took a few quick screenshots of the process -

You need to disconnect the component to edit the nodes within -

Swap the Base64 encoded image -


Not sure if still necessary by in this video around the 24th minute we explain more how to use those components shared here:

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