KNIME Web Portal Help!

Hi everyone,
I am trying to run my python script on the local machine and it works fine, but when i deploy thew same workflow on the web portal i can’t see any output i just reads a message saying “Workflow is executed Successfully”
How do i display this standard output on the web portal?
I have also added the extra libraries that i am using in the python code.


import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
import seaborn as sns
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

Copy input to output

output_table = input_table.copy()
df = output_table

#below code generates the percentage of missing values in each column
col_lst = df.columns.tolist()
temp_1 =
tot_mis_vals = 0

for i in range(len(col_lst)):
missing_vals = df.iloc[:,i].isnull().sum()
tot_mis_vals += missing_vals
temp = (missing_vals / len(df)) * 100
print('Percentage of missing values in ', col_lst[i],'is: ',temp , ‘%’)

mis_dict = {‘Columns’:col_lst, ‘Missing value percent’:temp_1}
mis_data = pd.DataFrame(mis_dict)
total_per = tot_mis_vals / (len(df)*len(col_lst)) * 100
print(’\n Total percentage of missing data: ', total_per, “%”)

#below pie chart shows the total percent of missing data in dataset
explode = (0.1, 0)
colors = [’#ff9999’,’#99ff99’]
_ = plt.rcParams.update({‘font.size’: 15})
_ = plt.figure(figsize=(5,5))
_, texts, autotexts = plt.pie([total_per, 100-total_per], labels=[‘Missing’, ‘Not Missing’], shadow=True,
autopct=’%1.1f%%’, startangle=90, pctdistance=0.7, labeldistance=1.1, colors=colors, explode=explode)

for text in texts:
for autotext in autotexts:
_ = plt.title(‘Total percentage of missing values in the data.’)

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you.

Hi @Amanmohid,

To display results on the WebPortal, you need to place your nodes inside a wrapped metanode. See here for how to do this:

Note that your Python node will not show on the WebPortal - the only nodes that are shown are either the JavaScript views or the Quickform nodes. In your case, you have to connect an Image Output quickform to the Python node. This will then display the image on the WebPortal.


Hi Roland thank you, I tried this but this is the next error which comes up

It seems that your Python script contains a path to a Windows drive (see last line of the error). Can you confirm that this file exists on KNIME Server as well?

Hello Roland,
This file exits on the KNIME Server.
Please let me know if you need any additional information.
Thank You.

Hi @Amanmohid,

Based on the rest of the error message, it appears that your KNIME Server is running on a Linux machine (see the paths to the Python libs). However, the error refers to a file on a Windows machine (C:/Users/…). If this is a file on your local machine, the server will not be able to access it. This means that you have to store the file on the server, and adjust the path in your Python script accordingly.