Knime web portal text output not working properly.

Hi There!

I recently decided to try and create some interactive workflows using Knime Server, and all seems to be working fine. I have found however that when I have a text output at the end of the workflow, I have to press back on the web portal in order to view it, it goes straight to the “executed successfully” tab.

My question is, how do I make it so that the final thing shown is the output of the workflow?

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Burhan Bashir

Hi there,

I guess to create a report would be an answer.

Check this topic for more info.

Try it out and if any questions feel free to ask.


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Hi there, I have created a report workflow, however it will not display my report at the end of the web portal execution.
Kind Regards,
Burhan Bashir

Hi @bashir_burhan,

can you check the following parameters in knime-server.config:

com.knime.server.webportal.disable_report_preview=true (This one is true by default, maybe it is set to false in your config)

com.knime.server.job.default_report_timeout=<duration with unit, e.g. 60m, 36h, or 2d> (Default is 1m, which might run into a timeout if it is a fairly complex report to be shown.)

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