Knime welcome message in batch mode does not appear in the log

I’ve installed knime 4.0.2 and when i run the application in batch mode, the welcome message information does not appear like in version knime 3.7.

I only wrote the log level in file preferences.epf

Do I need to set an additional mode to those listed in this file?

I would like this message to appear in the log,

Hi @romarra,

I actually do not know how to fix that with the batch mode config…however maybe the following workaround will help you :slight_smile:

I guess you need this message for later reading in the correct lines of the log file?
Then you could just add the Welcome Message to the Log yourself in the batch file:

echo. %date% %time% >> C:\pathToYourKnimeLog\KNIME.log
echo " : INFO : main : NodeLogger : : : : # For more details see the KNIME log file:#" >> C:\pathToYourKnimeLog\KNIME.log

and then you start the actual knime workflow via batch mode

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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