KNIME will no longer load - stuck loading node repository


I had the brilliant idea of trying to load extensions from the Node Pit this morning and now I am finding that I am in a situation where KNIME will not load at all. It seems to be stuck in loading the node repository.

I have A LOT of work that has not been exported as a KNIME workflow. If I save the folders from my main local workspace directory and reload the KNIME software, will I be able to replace those files to the refreshed workspace and have them be accessible? I am so afraid of losing all my work.


That’s great!

What nodes did you install from NodePit?


I was trying to set things up to get the ‘Palladian for KNIME’ extensions, but I fear I loaded many more in the process. Do you know of a way to delete the extensions without having to be in the KNIME application (since I cannot load it)? I just want to get back to where I was this morning before all this mess began.


Before taking further steps, I suggest to backup your “workspace” directory which is typically located in your home directory. It contains your workflows. Please do that now!

After that you should still be able to get to the “About KNIME” window if you go to the menu Help → About KNIME Analytics Platform.

There you can click “Installation Details” and see what has been installed. Would you mind sharing that?

I have everything backed up now, at least. I’m working on a Mac and right now cannot access the KNIME Help menu because I have the “spinning beachball” and no functionality within the program is accessible. At the bottom of my screen I see this indicator:


Which I suspect is the status of my node repository loading…Not sure if letting it spin and spin is doing any good.


The indicator has nothing to do with the repository, it’s basically showing the memory usage.

For how long have you been waiting? Giving it some minutes is probably not a bad idea.

Next I would suggest to try the ominous “clean” parameter, about which you can read here. It’s a magic potion for fixing all kind of KNIME plugin hiccups.

Does the KNIME log show any error messages?

If all this does not help, I you can re-install KNIME. You’re running on a Mac, so remove the current version from your “Applications” directory, open the downloaded DMG and drag a fresh copy to Applications. Your “workspace” which contains your workflows will be preserved, and you can select it upon next launch of the freshly installed copy.

Hope that helps!


I just did a clean re-install and am back in business!

Thanks so much for your advice and patience…I was so afraid that the past few months of work would be lost…but I see it all now and it functions again…phew!

I did not manage to get the String Similarity node that I was after from the Node Pit, but at least I can work again!



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