KNIME with python django (or other web framework like Ruby On Rails)


Right now I have a nice django application analyzing sets of transmembrane helices in membrane proteins with a free PostgresSQL database when I hear about KNIME and decide to consider it for analyzing the database contents. I like the ORM and queryset API in web framework but for Data Mining I might want to use KNIME. However I have a few doubts: will the KNIME cooperate nicely with django database (foreign keys, Many to One Field Relations, One to Many Field Relations etc.). Is there some tutorial on integrating KNIME with web framework database or mapping the database to KNIME? 

For me is unclear what you actually mean.

KNIME Nodes for data access retrieve the data based on the SQL statement you enter manually. So it's purley up to you (the user) to extract the correct data.

If you meant something different you need to clarify your question. But my suggestion is to just try it out. Knime is free after all and you can test it on a copy of your database. That will give you the answer you want.

Agree with _beginner -- however, you should just try to figure it out by givig it a shot. Thanks to "PMML to SQL" conversion, you cannot only "suck in" data, but also export mined rulesets back to databases for in-application used.