Knime won't launch

I installed the indego extensions yesterday and Knime was working perfectly. I have come to use the programme today and Knime simply won't launch. I go to open it and select a workspace and from there it simply stalls .. any suggestions? I am hesitant to uninstall incase I lose anything.

Kind Regards,


Is this even when selecting a new workspace location?

the only other thing I can think of is to modify the memory size in the Knime.ini file.

open the Knime.ini file in notepad or another text editor and change the line detailing the maximum memory usage. It should look like below


you could increase memory to -xmx2048m or decrease it to -Xmx800m

Save the file, and then relaunch Knime. Does this help?


Hi Simon,

Thank you for your reply. I ended up having to uninstall and reinstall everything. However, I did have a look at the memory usage and the .imi file read -Xms512m. I did see if changing it as you suggested just to see but this caused it to crash again so I reverted back and for now it seems to be functioning as it did before.