knime workbench UI integration problem!


hi knime group


            Currently I use knime to integrate to my rich OA system project by using bach script,

it is ok, but I m trying to use knime workbench GUI integrate to my liferay project, for example user open the web browser, can operate my knime workbench UI applet, I think it may be need add knime GUI interface to the java code, but i didn't find any sample......

what I need to learn? have any knime resource to show me the step?or send my email...


I really like KNIME, I need help...



yaoguang luo

no one tell ... I have been trying to write my own net UI engine...only this way now....* *....

Are you wanting to make new nodes? If so have a look here:

hi swebb

no ,make node is very easy...I need to make KNIME GUI show in my java project..


I' m down. please check this link:!app=2&via=QZ.HashRefresh&pos=1382002416

I integrated the knime in my project ^_^

Hi Guang

can you tell me how I can create the portObject for the new node, please?


hi martina caccavale

please check the useful link:




read interface carefully,thank you



Thank youuuu!!