Knime Workbench


When I start Knime now, the splash screen appears as normal, but then after a bit I get the message An error has occurred - see the log file (in Configuration folder). Clicking OK on this dialog box closes Knime.


I was getting the message for installing updates which i ignored and had to reboot my system.

After the system restart when i tried opening knime received the above error.

Also tried changed the value of -Dequinox.statechange.timeout in the knime.ini to a higher value - from 30000 to 90000, but that also didnt work.

Log File :

log.txt (166.0 KB)


Hi @aj_cdma123,

does the error occurre before or after you select the workspace location?
My spontaneous ideas would be:
1.) Run KNIME with Administrator privileges (right mouse click on knime.exe and select “run as administrator”)
2.) Create a new workspace folder and start KNIME with the newly created workspace.