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Hi Community,
wondering if it was possible to get the knime workspace directory for the working being worked on, I know there already is a knime workspace variable but it only has part when i need all the way to the workflow itself, say my workflow name is ‘testing’ then i’d need all hte way to

Hi @adjrock,

So you can use the String Manipulation (Variable) to add “\testing” at the end of the “workspace” variable.

The expression looks like this:
join($${Sknime.workspace}$$, "\\testing")


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yes, but lets say i share testing with another person and they go ahead and save testing in the following way:

preferably we’d have a function to getcwd to reveal where it is.

I testing getcwd in py but gives me another location altogether

What is use of the path?

FYI, using “knime://knime.workflow/” points to the current directory of the workflow, wherever it is. Is that what you’re looking for?

Also you can use the URL to File Path or URL to File Path (Variable) nodes to generate the absolute path to the workflow:

  1. Use the String Manipulation (Variable) node and enter this expression:

  2. Use the URL to File Path (Variable) node to generate the absolute path.


  1. Use the Table Creator node, enter “knime://knime.workflow” as a single cell value.

  2. Use the URL to File Path node to generate the absolute path.



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