Knime workflow execution status

Do we have any method to know Workflow execution status in knime analytics platform apart from calling that workflow from CALL LOCAL WORKFLOW(or any other Call workflow Node)
Basically I need to update tables in Database on failure/Success of a workflow .

Hi @sahil786,

would it not make more sense to have these workflows set the execution status in the database themselves?


I need to update one field(execution_status)in database table on the basis of workflow execution.

Suppose in my workflow i have 100 nodes and any of the node can fail then where can i place the update table code in this same workflow…so we want to update the table once the workflow failed or succeed.
If all the nodes are successfull then we can update the status easily at the end of workflow but if any of the node failed then how can this work?
Please advice.

Any Update On this??

Hi @sahil786,

I am sorry for the delay, I was away from the internet during the holidays. Have you looked into the Try (Variable Ports) and Catch Errors (Var Ports) nodes, they allow you to specify workflow behavior on node success / failure.

Take a look at this example workflow on how to use these nodes:

best regards and a happy new year


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