KNIME workflow execution via command line

Hi KNIME team,

I was trying to execute workflow using command-line. But there is no output/report generated after we get the message workflow executed successfully.

With reference to the post : How to start a report from commandline?
I understood that report generation of any type is not possible if it’s pdf or html.

Is that the same case now as well? or any other provision to generate report via command line?


Hi @vinayashree

This is possible with our Commercial Offerings as the KNIME Server.

Using the KNIME Server you can execute workflows on a schedule and automatically get delivered the Report via EMail.
Alternatively you can also execute the workflows from an external application via REST.

In case you are interested to learn more, just send us a message to and we can give you a demo and send you more materials.

Best wishes, Iris

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