Knime workflow not opening in Server

Hi!! Knime Experts & Enthusiastic.
Hope you are doing well.

I need your help in following issue.

Basically i was using knime 4.1.3 version previously on server & i have updated the same to knime 4.2.0.But after updating i am not able to open the workflow in knime (in server). My working has stopped.
Please help where I am going wrong.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @ravi13,

without any Information about your workflow or the error you get… I do not think someone can help you…

Please provide the error message, maybe the server log information for the execution of the workflow as well as maybe even a overview of your workflow.

Maybe without information:
Did you install all needed knime extensions after upgrading the server version?
Is your knime server version compatible with 4.2?


Hi @ravi13

If you are updating the AP, beforehand you need to update the KNIME Server. Otherwise the server will have problems executing future workflows.

Do you know your KNIME Server Version?
Please also note, that the 4.2 is currently a .0 release. The corresponding server version is 4.11. and also still preproduction ready. We will release the production ready 4.11.1 version end of the month.


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