KNIME workflow too slow

I’m having a big issue with my knime workflow. Whenever I try to run& execute it, it stops responding and my laptop is too slow. Is there any way of making it running smoothly?
I have a Core I5-5300U and RAM : 8.00 GB
Thank you

Look if this can help you.


Not really, when I go to knime.ini , I find -Xmx6860m and I don’t know with what I should replace it

It is already 6GB as recommended.
Also, if you can post your WF on forum it will be easier to understand your situation.

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Performance can mean a whole variety of issues. Maybe you could elaborate further on what you want to do, what kind of workflow that is. Until then I will direct you to some discussions about performance we had (besides the important basic link @izaychik63 already posted)

KNIME performance

Process 900+ CSV files


This problem actually occured after the update, is it a common one?

As @mlauber71 tried to point out, things like “big” and “too slow” are subjective and unhelpful; if you cannot provide the workflow itself, perhaps you could be more expansive about what you see when things are “too slow” (what does the Task Manager, or top, or Activity Monitor - depending on your platform - say? does KNIME become unresponsive, etc, etc.) When you say “big” do you mean you’re reading in 200 million rows from a database, or that you have a workflow with 1800 nodes, or what?

Imagine that you were the person having to solve your problem, what information would you need to know?

Hi there!

Just an info: If I got it right this started after updating KNIME (topic: Download new nodes) from 3.4.1 to 3.7.1 (I guess you went for a newest version). First thing I would try is to download and install a fresh installation of newest KNIME version, transfer workflow there and see does that help. This is under assumption you did update through KNIME GUI.


To answer your questions, KNIME become unresponsive whenever I try to run a workflow, it has too many complicated nodes, 1000 one and the input data is quiet heavy as well, 120.000+ Rows, I cannot share any screenshot because i can’t open the workflow as it’s starts crushing and not responding.

You’ve both said that it becomes unresponsive when you try to run it, and that you cannot open it. If you can’t do the latter, you couldn’t do the former. ?

What OS are you running on?

There are times when I couldn’t open knime at all and others when it becomes unresponsive when I run my workflow. I have windows 10.

Since you’re using Windows 10, and assuming you’re running 3.7.0 or 3.7.1, please try this: Workflow Freeze

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Another potential source of performance issues, given the specs listed (sounds like cheapo laptop) is the harddrive. knime can also be pretty IO heavy and cheapo laptop drive usually already makes browsing and office use a terrible experience let alone doing data heavy stuff. Even more so it it is near full.
(an almost full SSD like >95% full or such depending on brand can also cripple performance).

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