Knime Workflows formatting

Could you tell me please if there is some guidelines to follow while formatting a Knime Workflow?

I don’t know that there are formatting guidelines per se, but a couple of good things to always do are:

  1. For clarity in your workflows, you can organize large groups of nodes into a metanode for readability. Just select a bunch of nodes, then right click and select Collapse into Metanode. Then you can double click the new metanode to see what’s inside. See the 5th tip here on our recent blog post:

  2. Include workflow annotations whenever you need to provide additional context. These are the colored boxes in our example workflows which are often drawn around nodes, or include text that describes what the workflow is doing. You can add these at any time by right-clicking the canvas and selecting New Workflow Annotation.

  3. It’s also a good idea to provide descriptive information for the entire work flow by updating the meta information. You can do this by right-clicking on a workflow in the explorer window and selecting Edit Meta Information. This is especially good if you plan on using the new Workflow Hub feature.

Other forum posters may have some additional ideas for you, as well, but I try to include the above in all my workflows.

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I use grid size 10 (both vertical and horizontal) and curved connections. Helps me a lot :slight_smile:
Also I add explanation under every node. Very helpful if you don’t work on workflow every day.